Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Light Years

Over a year since the last post.

Time Flies.

Where to start? The last post had me moving back to my house on Sussex, which I did. I don't have and didn't keep an apt in Lake Forest.

There. That's a logistical update for you.

Other than: Wow, a year ago, I was just thinking about moving back to the house, and now we (Robyn) have completely transformed the house space. Outside, inside.

House word bank: Siding roofing windows furnace water heater fireplace living room den kitchen appliances floors.

Looking back on it, everything in life has shift, transformed. I ran my first hundo in November, we completely changed the house, work life has shifted dramatically, and Robyn and I got engaged. Life looks so different this year. Things shift, transform around us, continually..

When you look at the stars, you are looking into the past. Always. Light years backwards. You can always see where you've been, but you have only a vague idea where you are going. Try to steer as best you can, but don't grip the wheel too tight.

Trying to capture a years worth of change seems impossible. Like trying to capture the light from all the stars in sky.

What do I value this year? What is important? How is it different than last year?  Maybe that's a good place to start. (Or end).


stillwaterrunner said...

Glad to be reading your blog posts again. Congratulations on your engagement. It was great to see you at Kettle this year. Thanks for the support you gave!

I would love to hear about your first 100-miler.

Triteacher said...

Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like your life is good! :-) I will get writing again someday. I just know it. I do have a couple of pieces in the hopper. And you, ex-prolific writer??