Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Adventure

The Heroic life is living your own adventure*. There is no security in this. It's falling off the cliff, or maybe it's jumping. It's moving with purpose, with intention, into dangerous situations. It's the dragon's breath.

Nothing is exciting when you know the outcome.

When we turn away from the unknown, we turn from the possibilities. instead, when we turn toward what's comfortable, we think in that safety we can escape anything, even death. We chase things to keep that comfort. material things, build a castle. We want things to remain the same. We acquire. More and more.

But they won't help. Things will change, leaving us clinging to the bits of glue and leather we used to hold our life together. Wondering what happened.

The only solution, is to face the change, the dragon, and embrace it. for it will come, whether we like it or not.

Don't turn way from the hard things, the painful things. for in them we find the joy in life. Sometimes it's not fun, but it's always an adventure.

OK, sometimes it sucks. But at least you know you are alive. That to me is the hero's journey.

(*paraphrased from The Art of Living, by Joesph Campbell)